Chakra Aroma Massage/Bath Oil


Chakra Aroma Massage/Bath Oil



Haven Melts® Chakra Aroma Collection Massage/Bath Oils are made with natural carrier oils and are blended with unique Essential Oils corresponding to each of the 7 Chakras.


The Chakra Aroma Massage/Bath Oils are infused with 3 Essential Oils corresponding to each of the 7 major Chakras, representing the energy centres running the length of the spine from the top of the head (Crown) to the base of the spine (Root):

Red – Root or Muladhara

Orange – Sacral or Svadhistana

Yellow – Solar PLexus or Manipura

Green – Heart or Anahata

Turquoise – Throat or Vishuddha

Indigo – Third Eye or Anja

Purple – Crown or Sahasrara


** Always check a small area to make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients**

Each fragrance comes in a 50ml clear recyclable glass bottle with dropper top.

To use as a massage oil:    Place a couple of drops into your palms and warm the oil before applying to the skin.  Start massaging the skin with slow, round motions using the whole palm. Start at the back of the neck then move over the shoulders. Once finished, make sure the skin has absorbed all the oil before putting clothes on.  Wash hands thoroughly before drinking/eating.  Enjoy the aromatic scent of the oils.

To use in the bath:   Add about 10 drops to the running water as it fill up the bath. Relax and enjoy the scent.  Make sure you have a rubber mat underneath as the oil can make the surface slippery.

Place cap back on the bottle and store at room temperature and out of daylight.

Refill bottles are available to purchase separately.

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Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown


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