Signature Collection Room Mist


Signature Collection Room Mist Infused with crystals

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Haven Melts® Signature Collection Room Mists are made with crystal infused water with a blend of unique Essential Oils creating different scents to help you cope with what life may throw at you.

  • Uplifting – water is infused with a Citrine crystal and with a blend of Grapefruit/Lemongrass*, Jasmine and Geranium Essential Oils, this fragrance will invigorate and give a boost of energy with floral notes
  • De-stress/Anxiety – water is infused with an Amethyst crystal and blended with Clary Sage, Frankincense, Geranium, Roman Chamomile, Lavender Essential Oils, this fragrance helps in calming the nerves to help with anxieties
  • Relaxing – water is infused with an Amethyst crystal and a blend of Lavender, Rose and Vetiver Essential Oils helps you unwind at the end of the day and be able to relax more
  • Cleansing – water is infused with a Clear Quartz crystal and blended with Juniper, Frankincense and Lemon Essential Oils, will help detox the body, releasing the toxins making you feel fresh
  • Clean Cotton – water is infused with a Clear Quartz crystal and  a blend of Eucalyptus, Blossom and Cut Grass, creates the aroma of the freshness of out doors
  • Country Garden – water is infused with a Rose crystal and comes as a Fragrance Oil blend of Hyacinth, Violet Leaf, English Rhubarb, Rose and Musk creating a strong floral scent similar to that of the country cottage garden in full bloom

For anyone with allergies – please state which Essential oil you require in the notes at the checkout


Each fragrance comes in a 100ml clear recyclable, plastic bottle with spritzer nozzle.  Crystals NOT included.

Before use, always shake the bottle well to ensure all the oils and water are mixed.  This room mist can be used in all rooms, when spraying, spray away from you and as high as you can.  Re-spray as and when required.

Do not ingest.

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Cleansing, Relaxing, De-stress/Anxiety, Uplifting, Clean Cotton, Country Garden


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